Arts’Night –7pm,November 27th

Mark your calendars – Arts’Night is coming! This is an exciting fundraiser to help showcase and support the school’s exceptional Arts’Depts. Our creative drama students will be performing some Improv,student art work will be on display,snacks and baking will be on sale,and we will have a raffle.

Fill up on this culinary and visual feast while relaxing to the melodies of the school’s very talented Concert Band and Choir.

Thank you for your support! Come out,have fun,and be WOWED.

We’ll make you proud!

Developing Social Emotional Skills in Children –Nov 11th

Developing Social Emotional Skills in Children - Nov 11th
Dr. Oliver John is an expert in understanding personality development.  He will be speaking about children and the ways in which social development of children can affect outcomes. He will also talk about parenting strategies to support the development of social emotional skills in children. Find out more and if you are interested, Dr. John has a personality test that you might want to try. The session will be held at Sir Robert Borden High School from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Celebrate My Drive —Car Wreck

CW has joined the Celebrate My Drive campaign to promote safe driving. A number of initiatives are on-going at the school,including a daily pledge and a real car wreck on the front lawn of the school to give a visual representation of unsafe driving. You and your family can help support our campaign by going to the Celebrate My Drive website at:  and pledging your commitment to safe driving. The more pledges received on behalf of CW,the more powerful the message —not to mention the greater potential for CW to win some school rewards for our campaign.

CW Craft Fair — Saturday,November 15th,9am-3:30pm

The annual CW Craft Fair is this Saturday,November 15th,from 9am to 3:30pm at Cairine Wilson. The event is run by the school council and all proceeds go to the school. Parents are asked to consider helping with the event. For more information,please contact Donata Leuenberger

Parent-Teacher Interviews and Credit Rescue on October 23rd

Students took home Progress Reports on Wednesday,October 8th. Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday,October 23rd from 4:30-7:30pm. An information sheet about Parent-Teacher Interviews was included with the Progress Reports. Please ask your son/daughter to arrange an interview time with their teachers. Last minute drop-ins will be very difficult to accommodate. Also,there will be an extended Credit Rescue session in the Green Room for students after school and through the Parent-Teacher Interviews on October 23rd so students can catch up on work/assignments/tests they still need to complete.