In response to the tragic situation downtown today,Cairine Wilson went very successfully into stage one of our secure school protocol. This was simply part of a Board-wide precaution. No traffic was allowed in or out of the school until further notice,but students were encouraged to call their parents if they were concerned. Students were safe at Cairine and continued with their classes and regular routines inside the school. Our Guidance department also ensured it was fully staffed and available for any student in distress or concerned.  Because lunch hour occurred during this time,various stations were set up by staff to provide food and snacks for students who had planned to go home for lunch. However,field trips,sports,and Co-op were cancelled,and remain cancelled;no classes were allowed outside throughout this time. Thankfully Orleans was spared the trauma that occurred downtown at parliament. Nonetheless,we are very proud of the orderly,helpful manner in which our students and staff handled this difficult situation,and we thank our community for their support.

Parent-Teacher Interviews and Credit Rescue on October 23rd

Students took home Progress Reports on Wednesday,October 8th. Parent-Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Thursday,October 23rd from 4:30-7:30pm. An information sheet about Parent-Teacher Interviews was included with the Progress Reports. Please ask your son/daughter to arrange an interview time with their teachers. Last minute drop-ins will be very difficult to accommodate. Also,there will be an extended Credit Rescue session in the Green Room for students after school and through the Parent-Teacher Interviews on October 23rd so students can catch up on work/assignments/tests they still need to complete.

Celebrate My Drive —Car Wreck

CW has joined the Celebrate My Drive campaign to promote safe driving. A number of initiatives are on-going at the school,including a daily pledge and a real car wreck on the front lawn of the school to give a visual representation of unsafe driving. You and your family can help support our campaign by going to the Celebrate My Drive website at:  and pledging your commitment to safe driving. The more pledges received on behalf of CW,the more powerful the message —not to mention the greater potential for CW to win some school rewards for our campaign.

Annual Cairine Wilson Clothing Sale!

For the week of Monday October 21st  to Friday October 27th,CW Gear clothing displays will be set up all week over the noon hour in the Den.  Printed samples and sizing will be available. During Parent Teacher Interviews on Thursday Oct 23rd there will also be a display booth with ordering information,printed samples,and sizing. If you have specific questions,please contact Stephen MacFadyen.

CW Craft Fair — Parent Volunteers Needed

Parents are asked to consider helping with the annual Cairine Wilson Craft Fair,scheduled for Saturday,November 15th. For more information,please contact Donata Leuenberger